Thursday, February 8

Kitano Tsunetomi

The Export articles exhibition at Minatogawa Kobe advertising poster - Japan - 1911

Thursday, October 5

Gaspar Camps


Gaspar Camps (1874-1942) est un peintre, illustrateur et affichiste espagnol, rattaché à l'Art nouveau et au modernisme catalan.

Gaspar Camps (1874-1942) was a spanish illustrator.

Tuesday, September 19

Louis-Théophile Hingre - Advertisement for a wallpaper company (Charpentier-Deny) 1890

Louis-Théophile Hingre (1832-1911) est un artiste peintre, sculpteur, graveur, illustrateur et affichiste français.

Louis-Théophile Hingre (1832-1911) was a french illustrator.

Saturday, September 9

Coles Phillips - The Magic Hour 1924


Clarence Coles Phillips (1880-1927) est un artiste et illustrateur américain.

Clarence Coles Phillips (1880-1927) was an American artist and illustrator who signed his early works C. Coles Phillips, but after 1911 worked under the abbreviated name, Coles Phillips. He is known for his stylish images of women and a signature use of negative space in the paintings he created for advertisements and the covers of popular magazines.